Ⅰ、 Conditions of cooperation

1. Abide by the relevant provisions of laws and regulations, and have the independent legal person or natural person qualification.

2. Fully understand and highly agree with the management concept and operation mode of Shunfeng leisure food;

3. Have a certain understanding of leisure food industry, and have strong interest and desire for cooperation;

4. There is a certain amount of start-up funds, and there is a passion to join the leisure food industry.

5. Have a business place that meets the requirements of opening a shop.

6. Obey the company's unified management, accept the company's training, have a good reputation, have a long-term cooperation attitude;

7. Healthy and industrious, have entrepreneurial enthusiasm, have certain business ability, management and coordination ability;

8. Have a rational investment mentality, be able to objectively view the relationship between investment and return, have no expectation of huge profits, and have a certain ability to bear risks.

、 Site selection requirements

1. It is required to open in the streets with high popularity, beside schools, markets, supermarkets, stations, large shopping malls, commercial and living quarters, etc.

2. You can refer to large beauty salons. Generally, the business of these stores is good, and the business circle is certainly OK.

3、 The consumption level of the business district is in the middle and upper level, and has the consumption ability.

4. The rent of a shop is mainly measured by the size of the market space, not just the price.