"Be a good benevolence" (Shengquan) food new factory opening and new product conference held successfully

Date of issue:2019-11-28 viewed:232

"Be a good benevolence" (Shengquan) food new factory opened and new product Conference opened successfully.

Anhui Shunfeng Food Co., Ltd. has four brands of stir fry and nut products, namely "Shengquan", "Da Vinci", "Mr. Pan" and "Kui Xiaosheng". Varieties include melon seeds, peanut, pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds and Padan wood, thin shell walnut, Bigen fruit, xiaweiguo and dozens of other varieties. Multi category, multi specification, dedicated to meet different market and different levels of consumer demand. The company continuously invests in R & D and introduces advanced equipment in the industry nationwide, with a daily output of up to 100 tons of finished products, which can meet the demand of customers nationwide.